5th-6th Grade Rugby

waratahWoodlands Waratahs (5th and 6th Grade Co-ed Rugby)

The Woodlands Waratahs will start practices on Wednesdays in November, beginning 11/03 from 6pm – 7:30 and in December, practices move to Tuesday & Thursday nights from 6pm – 7:30 at Alden Bridge Sports Park.

The first part of the season will include an intra club Rugby Touch League.  The Touch Rugby League will run 7 weeks around the Holidays and finish the first week of January. Touch Rugby is a great way to learn the concepts of passing, running forward, staying on-sides on defense, and field position.  Each night we will spend first half of practice working on skills and drills and the second half playing a Touch Rugby matches. 

The cost to play the Touch Rugby League is $50/child, all players are rookie rugby registered with USA Rugby and Texas Rugby Union, and receive a team shirt.

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For the Waratahs,  the contact season begins mid January and finishes in mid-April with a the Gareth Jones Tournament in College Station hosted by the Texas A&M Men’s Rugby Club.  Matches will be scheduled on Saturday mornings with a couple week night matches on the fixture (rugby term for schedule).

For the contact season we will add onto the passing, position, and running skills with tackling, set-piece scrums, rucking and mauling.  The coaches/parents always promote Rugby safety, sportsmanship, and stress proper form through practice and matches.

The cost to play the Woodlands Wolverines (5th and 6th Grade Co-Ed)

Contact season is $275/child to cover field cost, registration with USA Rugby & Texas Rugby Union, and all players will receive team shorts/socks/practice jersey.  

2014-15 was our first season in which we separated the Touch Rugby intro and then the formal contact season which starts in January.  Kids are encouraged to do both, but if your child can only make the contact season in January it is no problem (or vice versa).  Either way it is a great sport to learn.


$50 Touch Rugby Only (Nov 11th-Jan 6)
$325 Touch and Contact by 12/30  (Nov. -Mid April)

Contact Only Fees:

  $275 Contact Only by 12/30(Reg) (Jan-Mid April)
 $300 After Jan 1 (Late) (Jan-Mid April)

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*All dates are subject to change


Contact: Chris Gruba- Youth Development Coordinator

Chris Gruba- Youth Development Coordinator

Charlie Hopkins-Youth Team Parent Coordinator