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If you watched the Olympics this summer, you witnessed the return of rugby to the world stage. Interested
 in playing rugby? Then you’re in luck as Woodlands Rugby is the largest rugby club in Texas!!  Our season begins in November
All new and returning players hit the pitch! If you’re new, be prepared to learn some rugby skills and practice rugby drills. During this tryout period, there is no contact. This is an opportunity for players to check it out and see if this is a game they want to learn and play.

Woodlands Rugby offers several options:
Touch league (non-contact) for younger players up to 6th grade.
Touch 2 Contact- Players begin with touch and then continue with contact play
Contact for 7th-12 grade

Boys High School Team
Girls High School Team
Co-Ed for grades 3-6th


WHEN: Every Wednesday in November 
                   Starts November 2nd!
What to bring/wear: Typical work out wear, cleats (non metal), water bottle.

For fees and teams, please see our Registration and Teams tab.


Countdown Is On For Rugby Season!!

Rugby BallsBack to school is an exciting time for many for rugby fans, it indicates that rugby season is just around the corner. Look for a continuation of our Youth Rugby Program, Touch Rugby and as always, Girls and Boys High School Team.  Try Outs begin in November, every Wednesday from 6-8pm at Alden Bridge Sports Park.  To get the latest news, like us Facebook, follow us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter. Get ready to rugby!

Woodlands Rugby Annual Banquet



On June 2nd- The High School Teams (Varsity, Ladies and JV) and Junior High will hold their Awards Banquet at the beautiful Belle Maison. On this evening we will award and commend the fine young men and women who have worked so hard this last year, putting forth extraordinary efforts on the pitch and behind the scenes to make The Woodlands Youth Rugby Club such a successful organization. Come share the season’s highlights, team awards and an evening of fun and fellowship. We look forward to seeing parents, players, coaches,  and volunteers!

Tickets are required for the  Awards Banquet.
Cost is $30 per person including players.

Purchase Tickets



2015 Gareth Jones Rugby Challenge Cup

a&m tourney2015 Gareth Jones Rugby Challenge Cup will take place on Sat. April 11 at Penberthy Recreational Sports Complex. This is the 9th annual tournament  and is  held each year in memory of former A&M player Gareth Jones and to support the scholarship given in his name.The tournament has a non-traditional format where all teams compete for “Most Honored Club” instead of the traditional 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishes. The “Most Honored Club” is chosen by a panel of A&M club members and is based around a club’s on-field play as well as their sportsmanship. This is also an opportunity for clubs to get in a lot of rugby. Each team will play at least three matches.


All players and parents must print, sign and return to thisWaiver Form to your designated Team Administrator. Administrators may scan and send the waivers or mail them in the (alphabetized by division with a roster list) AT LEAST 1 WEEK in advance of the tournament.(April 3)

Prior to each team’s first game, each participant must check in at the front office to ensure there is a waiver on file and that participant is listed on their team’s roster.

All participating players must be CIPPed through USA Rugby. This will be checked prior to participation in the tournament.

All games will be played on Saturday, April 11, 2015
Captain’s/Coaches Meeting – 8:30am
Games begin – 9:00am

Strict Complex Requirements – NO Glass, NO Pets, NO Alcohol, NO BBQ Pits are allowed inside the facility. Please make sure this information is passed along to ALL participants, families, and friends attending this year’s tournament.

All guests MUST park in valid marked parking spaces in Lot 100m or Lot 100e. Guests who park on the curb, in the grass, or not in a valid marked parking spaces will be subject to ticketing and towing from facility.

Matthew Theodore
Phone: 214-504-8457

Each division guarantees 3 games starting at approximately 9:00am on Saturday, April 11, 2015 through 5:00pm.
Gates to the complex will not be open to the public until 8am.

Meet The Coaches- Season 2015

 Spotlight On…..Coaches

To coincide with the commencement of match play, this issue is dedicated to all the volunteer coaches who give of their time to make Woodlands Youth Rugby Club such a fantastic organization for youth rugby in our community. These men and women are committed to our club and our players. They give their time, the most precious commodity of all. We are thankful for their commitment. As you read their profiles, you will find the common theme that runs through all rugby veins….camaraderie, opportunity, experience and friendship. All the good things in life!



  Phil Beck- Head Coach

Coach Phil’s favorite quote is  “Leave it all on the field”. It’s possible that he likes that  quote because he lives it! Coach Phil’s dedication to the club is unwavering.  He has been Head Coach for WYRC for almost a decade, leading the club to one State Championship and top three performances nearly every season. Coach became involved with WYRC when he came to help out when the club was in its infancy. Today, Woodlands Youth Rugby Club is one of the largest rugby clubs Texas, thanks to Coach Phil and all the volunteers involved with the club.

From the young age of 8 in England, Coach Phil began his storied rugby career. Before he left England, he had 3 seasons with the Wasps before rugby went professional. Coach Phil’s background is in teaching so coaching is a natural fit. He states to be able to give back to this amazing sport and help introduce players to the game is very rewarding. I am extremely grateful to all the coaches who help us and the huge support from our board, team helpers and fans”  For Coach Phil, rugby represents great experiences, life long friends and huge camaraderie. This is not an uncommon theme armong rugby aficionados. Coach Phil has a nice collection of rugby pals all around the world.

Honorable Mention

Visiting Coach- Gareth Nicholas

Woodlands Rugby Club is thrilled to see the return of Welsh Coaching Legend Gareth Nicholas. Gareth is the Director of Rugby for the Bridgend RFC and Bridgend College in Wales, UK. He is a former Wales U18 & U19 Head Coach, and holds a UKCC Level 4 coaching certification. Two years ago, WYRC hosted the Bridgend College Rugby team. Rugby is a sport of friendships- we forge them and we keep them. Coach will be working with our club for the next week. If you see him on the pitch, please give him a big welcome. Our players will learn a lot. 

Frank Rizzo- JV/Varsity Coach-Forwards

Coach Rizzo got his rugby start playing for Santa Ana RFC in California in the      early 70’s, Back then, rugby was a relatively unknown sport in the US. Coach Rizzo then went on to play in college, then toured New Zealand, England,  Australia. He made it all the way to Texas, then      took on the role of  Head Coach at Sam Houston State University. With some      coaxing from Coach Phil, Frank graciously came on board to coach JV/Varsity.

All three of the Rizzo boys have played or are playing for Woodlands Rugby. To Coach Frank, rugby represents life as we attempt to make order out of chaos.  Woodlands Rugby is fortunate to have Frank on board. Here is a glimpse of Coach Frank’s philosophy..I don’t do facebook so no matter how hard you try to like me, it’s just not possible.” No coach, we don’t like you, we love you! Thanks for playing along.

Doug Mooneyham- JV and Varsity Coach

Coach Doug loves the game, just like every other coach out there. Another California transplant, What is it about these California kids? Coach Doug got involved with Rugby at San Diego State University in 1989, then played  from 1995 – 2003 in the newly formed Super League at the time (this was USA’s 1st stab at professional rugby).

 He became a part of WYRC when he landed in Texas and his son Conner played for the club. CD thinks about rugby as a character defining sport        based on what you put into it.If you can apply the same effort you do during games and practices to everyday life challenges then you have already won. I have seen it happen with players, more than once.”

We often see Coach Doug running around and playing like a varsity kid. In fact, his favorite rugby quote is “It’s the game they play in heaven.” Not that any one of us is rushing to get there, but it sure gives us something to look forward to!

Chelsea Peper – Ladies High School

If you like tricks, you’ll love the story of how Coach Chelsea came to be the ladies coach. She was asked by the coach at the time, to come and help the team out while the then coach was away. Two weeks later, the coach said she was leaving for England and Chelsea would be the head coach. “Best trick someone ever played on me!” says Chelsea. That was two years ago.

Coach started playing rugby at Texas A&M about 6 years ago, She has played for A&M, The AustinValks and the Houston Athletic Rugby Club (HARC). She assists with the Ladies team at A&M assistant Coach for Texas High-Performance U19 Girls.

Coach Chelsea details the meaning of rugby in the following way. “Rugby is a great game it brings together all different people, it teaches you strength and discipline to work hard, play to your strengths and to work on your weakness. As great as that is it’s not the part of rugby that has stuck out the most for me. It’s the close knit groups that we become as we play together and against each other, it’s the friends that you have made for life! It’s about the friends that you don’t see for months at a time, but as soon as you do, you fall back into that friendship like you still see each other every day. They are the reason that the game is played with passion, the reason you will push yourself a little harder. You play the game for the love of the game, but it’s the friendships that are made that will make you a little bit better, make you work just a little harder and a little longer! They are your best friend on the Pitch and off, they become a part of your family. That’s what rugby has meant to me, I love the game and know I will be a part of it as long as I can but I know when I stop playing and stop coaching I will still have those friends that have become part of my family.”
Nic James also assists the ladies team. This dynamic duo keep the ladies team excited about rugby. Should you ever get a chance to see these coaches play, you should. They are phenomenal players and Woodlands Rugby High School Girls are fortunate to have such talented volunteer coaches.

Mitch Earley- Junior High

Coach Mitch answers the question of the meaning of rugby

“Rugby to me means opportunity. Opportunity to
meet new friends, learn life lessons, travel the world, and most importantly
have fun.”

Coach Mitchell has come full circle with Woodlands Rugby. As the son of one of the club founders, Donovan Earley, Mitchell started playing rugby at the YMCA in the 5th grade.  As Woodlands Rugby got  its start, Mitchell continued on his rugby journey, playing from the ages of 10 through high school. During this time, his mad skills were recognized and he was chosen to play for the Texas Select side starting his sophomore year.  He moved up to play scrum half for the USA Eagles on their U17 and U18 teams.  Following his graduation from high school, young Mitchell went on to play rugby for Life University on scholarship.

Today, Mitchell has the honorable distinction of being addressed as Coach Mitchell. He has coached the U11/13 for the last  2 years is now the Junior High team coach.

He recently completed his Level 200 Coach Certification which focuses on player welfare and teaching players the technical skills to play safely. The assessment requires coaches to demonstrate effective coaching techniques. These techniques include teaching through games, technical skill development through progressions and collaborative coaching. Rugby is a special community and we are grateful to have Coach Mitchell giving back to the club.

“The aspect of sport that you learn is that you have your good times and your bad times, but you share it with great people.” – George Gregan

Phil Devos- Youth Rugby

Originally from sunny South Africa, Coach Phil started playing school rugby when he was 12 years old until his senior year. He also had the honor of serving as the school’s rugby captain. Played for U21 Alberton Rugby club, then immigrated to the great State of Texas. Played a season for the Houston Old Boys RFC before joining The Woodlands RFC in 1993. A proud player on the team that won the 2001 USA National Division II Rugby Championship for the Woodlands. Still an active member/player of The Woodlands RFC Men side and Woodlands Deadwood (over 35) side.

Coach Phil started helping out the club when his sons started playing a couple of years ago. He is glad to be a part of the club and to able to give back to youth rugby. He is even more thrilled that his two boys are keen to play and learn this great sport. Thankful that The Woodlands has a great youth program. Looks like Phil will have lots more rugby to watch and help with in the near future!For those of you in the front row, hear Coach Phil’s favorite quote  “Squeeze – Sink- Drive!

Kevin Murphy- Youth Rugby

Newcomer Coach Murphy relocated back to the states from Australia. ” Ironically his coaches asked some guy from upstate NY to help coach the forwards.  They were great mentors for coaching kids at this lev
el so upon moving to the Woodlands, it was excellent to see the strong youth rugby program and I knew it would be a good way for my son to meet friends with a bit of character.”Without hesitation, Coach Murphy jumped right into Woodlands rugby. He was instrumental in developing the club’s Touch Rugby League and he continues to help coach now that the season is in full swing.

Kevin switched from soccer to rugby his freshman year of college and he never looked back. He has played for many clubs in Fort Colins, Co and in NY.“These days I try to keep Woodlands Old Boys ‘Deadwood’ Games on my calendar and hope to make Siena Rugby Alumni Match in the spring without looking to beat up for work on Monday.”

Woodlands Youth Rugby Hosts Tournament

Big Day for Youth Rugby in Texas Hosted by the Woodlands Rugby Clubtournamnet balls

February 28th turned into a great day for youth rugby in Texas.  Over 250 young athletes from 1st to 8th grades played matches  at the Alden Bridge Sports Park in The Woodlands in the first ever Youth Tournament sponsored by Woodlands Rugby. The Plano Rugby Club traveled through snow & ice to play along with sides from Houston: Katy Barbarians, Lanier Middle School, & the Regis School, and representing the Heart of Texas Rugby Club from Killeen was Kazie Lynne Cheek who played with the Lanier side.  Saturday was also the inaugural meeting of the grade 1&2’s Katy Barbarians and Woodlands Wombats.  They each won a round in the touch rugby exhibition matches. Woodlands Youth Rugby Club is one of the largest rugby clubs in Texas. Our ongoing goal is to grow the game of rugby at all levels, from youth to high school. 

Much thanks to:

·         The Texas Rugby Referee Society answered the call: Travis Bartniski, Paul Purcell, Maurice Mullaly, and Brian Kee made a great difference for the new and experienced players.

·         The field-side medical assistance from Richard Davis, ATC and Dr. Joe Edralin were busy through the day and extremely appreciated.

·         Woodlands grade 7&8 side showed up early to set up the goal post and pitches for the rest of the day.  Thanks to Coach Mitch & Coach Bryan for getting the lads out of bed early.  And the Woodlands Mens and Lonestar Mens clubs for letting us borrow the goal post, pads, and pylons.

·         The parents of the Woodlands Youth Rugby Club for tents, tables, & coolers of ice.  Christa Morgan for getting our fields reserved.  The team managers Terri Blang, Diane King, and Julie Everett had the players uniforms and water ready.  And a super shout out to the concessionaires: Mike Griggs (and his Springbok buddy), Justin King, Patrick Masterson, Lance McDermott and the servers who cooked and served lunch for the duration of the day. 

·         Our sponsors for the tournament; BB Law Group, Nutrition Depot of Sterling Ridge, and Plant Design Solutions.

·         Lastly – to the all the coaches: we are setting the stage for growing rugby as a great option for kids to play in Texas.  We need more teams to play and hopefully there are a few more clubs joining us for the matches next year.


Woodlands Youth Rugby Tournament  is scheduled February 28th at the Alden Bridge Sports Park.

Our goal is to provide a great day of rugby for all of the players. We hope to help grow youth rugby in Texas as a safe and exciting sport and invite new players check out a few matches. Please note: The Woodlands Marathon is Feb 28th. Some roads will be closed off in the Woodlands from 7am – 1pm. Check the Woodlands Marathon Website for road closures.

Great number of youth teams competing in Grade Level’s:  7youth rugby

  • 7 th & 8th – 30 min matches
  •  5 th & 6 th – 24 min matches
  •  3 rd & 4th – 20 min matches
  • 1 st & 2nd – exhibition matches



We would like to thank our tournament sponsors:

BB Law Group PLLC P: (832) LEGAL-TX

Nutrition Depot Sterling Ridge            

Plant Design Solutions                             

Click below for the schedule

WRFC Tournament Schedule

3rd Annual Alumni Match

3rd annual alumni

Oh, What Fun!


This is a fun evening of rugby when alumni members reunite to take on the men’s club. It’s a special night when old friends reunite friends on the pitch once again for auld lang syne.  No better way to celebrate the season than with a great match up between our Woodlands Rugby Alumni and the Woodlands Rugby Men’s Team (WRFC)! We encourage all new/current players and families to come out, especially if you’ve never been to a rugby match. Come out and support the old timers and the really old timers!

The match is scheduled for 7:30pm at Alden Bridge Sports Park on 242.


All PrPicture11actices will now take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Alden Bridge Sports Park.
Consider practices to be scheduled in rain. The fields are all weather. In the event of inclement weather, Woodlands Rugby will post on
Facebook and Twitter.  or check with your coach.


Team Times are listed below.

5:45-7:00 LADIES
6:00-7:30— U11 & JUNIOR HIGH