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Texas Children’s Hospital- Our New Medical Team


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Texas Children’s Hospital- Sports Medicine Team. The team consists of an Athletic Trainer,  Susan Niles and Dr. Kristin Ernest. During our home matches, we will now have a dedicated team on the sidelines to assess and treat injured players.  Because a child’s bones, muscles, brain and other organs are different than an adult, they respond much differently to injuries, stress and athletic training, and require comprehensive, specialized treatment.


Having the TCH med team present helps all our players who sustain any type of  injury get the care they need and they will be a great resource for follow-up care, if needed.

Welcome to the pitch, Texas Children’s Hospital. We hope you enjoy our fast paced matches!

For more information about Texas Children’ Hospital, please visit

Woodlands Youth Rugby Club Sponsorship

The Woodlands Youth Rugby Club is a non-profit youth sports organization with the mission and vision to promote, encourage and facilitate access to rugby to young members of our community from the ages of ten through eighteen. While many of our players come from northern Harris and Montgomery counties, players from any and all school districts are accepted allowing players to bond with a diverse group of teammates.

Growing Popularity:

Rugby is an international sport and the fastest growing sport in the US. Our players have the opportunity to meet other players throughout the United States as well as internationally.  We have hosted teams from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chicago, Louisiana as well as many from here in Texas.  Rugby is a unique sport that accommodates players of different abilities and body types.  Male, female, tall, short, slight of build, heavily muscled they all have a place on our rugby teams. Since its inception in 2001, our club has sponsored players with financial needs as well as travel to matches, tournaments and playoffs.

Rugby makes its return to the Olympics next summer in the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.  Both the men and women’s USA Eagles will proudly represent the US.  Meya Bizer, a Woodlands Rugby alum, will be on the women’s team.

Community Impact and Successes:

The Woodlands Youth Rugby Club impacts the community by providing its players the opportunity to interact with a very diverse group of teammates and competitors.  It fosters a love of the game and deep sense of camaraderie which lasts well into adult hood.  The Club teaches good sportsmanship and emphasizes the highest level of conduct in the players who represent it. We have an elite class of coaches who all serve on a volunteer basis.  Many of our players have gone on to play at the Texas Elite, and U.S. Junior Eagle levels, and a majority of our players have been, or are currently active on college teams around the country to include, Life University, Texas A&M, Penn State, LSU, University of Texas, Arkansas State, and Arizona State.

What your sponsorship means:

Woodlands Youth Rugby Club works hard to keep registration costs at the lowest level possible. Due to increased field costs (double) and additional fees associated with registration, referees etc., we are unable to fund scholarships at the same level.  One way we do this is through fundraising and corporate sponsorship!  Your help in regard to this mission would be greatly appreciated, and the Woodlands Youth Rugby Club Board of Directors, Coaches, and players thank you for your time and consideration.


Woodlands Youth Rugby Sponsorship 

Please review the sponsorship options below.


Club Level Sponsor                        $5,000 +

  • Premium level sponsorship plus
  • Logo identification on all new team jerseys, marketing material, game-day banners
  • Match tickets and parking for state championships
  • Flexibility based on sponsor wishes

Premium Level Sponsor                 $2,500 +

  • All platinum level activities plus…
  • Sponsor Logo on all recruiting and marketing materials (including match day banners/activities).
  • Premium sponsor mention & logo on front page of web site with link to your own pop-up page and up to 500 word description of your company/business/services (includes link back to your web site).
  • Depending on donation level and sponsorship desires, items that are sponsor-logo identified, such as jerseys or other team wear, can be included.
  • Media mentions as appropriate (“Thanks all our sponsors including…”) in club newsletter, news updates, etc.

Platinum Level Sponsor                  $1,000+

  • Logo on Woodlands Youth Rugby sponsorship page with link (prioritized by sponsor level).
  • Sponsor name/logo on match day banners
  • Broadcast email message to membership in conjunction with other platinum sponsors on a weekly basis.
  • Team photo/sponsorship plaque.

Gold Level Sponsor                         $500 +

  • Mention on the Woodlands Youth Rugby sponsorship page with link.
  • Broadcast email message to membership in conjunction with other gold sponsors

If you or your company is interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at

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