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Survey Says!

The Board of Directors would like to thank all the players, parents and volunteers for another great season! We have experienced another year of  significant growth, and as we continue to meet the challenges of a growing club, field management and match scheduling, we would like to get your feedback. This is your opportunity to let us know what is working and where we can improve. We value your input and we look forward to hearing from you.  Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey.


Fixtures Are Complete

We’re pleased to announce that most of the fixtures for all sides have been posted.  Keep in mind, while these dates are set, there can be last minute changes that occur.  The calendar is laid out in agenda style, meaning each event will be listed individually. You can click on CALENDAR view to get a monthly view of events. When you hover over your team of interest, the information will be highlighted so you can see the who, what, when. Again, keep in mind last minute locations, weather issues and other circumstances may change an event status.  You can subscribe to the calendar to your iCal, Google+ , Outlook, etc. Simply change the view to calendar mode and scroll down to the bottom right side of the calendar where you will see the “Subscribe” button. To keep most up to date, follow us on Facebook and check your email from Lead Parents and Coaches.




aerial scrum

If you watched the Olympics this summer, you witnessed the return of rugby to the world stage. Interested
 in playing rugby? Then you’re in luck as Woodlands Rugby is the largest rugby club in Texas!!  Our season begins in November
All new and returning players hit the pitch! If you’re new, be prepared to learn some rugby skills and practice rugby drills. During this tryout period, there is no contact. This is an opportunity for players to check it out and see if this is a game they want to learn and play.

Woodlands Rugby offers several options:
Touch league (non-contact) for younger players up to 6th grade.
Touch 2 Contact- Players begin with touch and then continue with contact play
Contact for 7th-12 grade

Boys High School Team
Girls High School Team
Co-Ed for grades 3-6th


WHEN: Every Wednesday in November 
                   Starts November 2nd!
What to bring/wear: Typical work out wear, cleats (non metal), water bottle.

For fees and teams, please see our Registration and Teams tab.









Welcome to the 2015/2016 Rugby Season!

To stay up to date on club news, please sign up for our e-newsletter.  Woodlands Rugby is constantly striving to make rugby affordable and accessible to the youth of The Woodlands and Montgomery County. We are a club sport, meaning any young person from public and private school is invited to play.  This year we are encouraging  players to sign up early in order to get a better handle on jerseys for all teams.

Please note all registration will take place ONLINE ONLY. We will not accept cash or checks.  Coaches and Lead Parents cannot take checks or cash. Payments may be made with major credit/debit cards (with the Visa/MC logo) or PayPal


 FEES: New this year- Offering early registration incentives for all teams

TOUCH-Fee for Touch Rugby is $50 (includes shorts and team T-shirt)
GRADES 1-6 are eligible for Touch Rugby League.
Players play within their team grade level. Touch Rugby is a great way to prepare those continuing on to contact to get in rugby shape.

CONTACT-Fees vary based on grade level and deadline options- Only Players from grades 3-high school are eligible for contact rugby

Grades 1-2 WOMBATS
(Touch only, there is no contact league for this age group)



Players in this group have three options,                                                                     a. Touch Only b. Touch 2 Contact c. Contact Only

Grades 3-4 WOLVERINES – Coed
 $250 CONTACT ONLY by 11/30 (Early)
$275 CONTACT ONLY After 11/30-12/30 (Season)
$300 After Jan 1 (Late)

Grades 5-6   WARRATAHS  -Coed  

$250 CONTACT ONLY by 11/30 (Early)
$275 Contact Only After 11/30-12/30 (Season)
$300 After Jan 1 (Late)

Grades 7-High School Play Contact Rugby. Contact practice and play only begins once all players are fully registered and hold their current CCIP.

 Grades 7-8 (JUNIOR HIGH)        CONTACT ONLY

 $325 Early by 11/30 (Early)
 $350 After 11/30-12/30 (Season)
 $395 After Jan. 1 (Late)
 High School Boys    CONTACT ONLY

Note: High School teams (JV and Varsity) are required to have a track suit (kit)
Track suit design will not change for 2015/2016. If you have one from a previous season, you may opt for NO KIT reg fee.

  No Kit       $475 Early by 11/30 (Early)
                       $500 After 11/30-12/30 (Season)
                       $550 After Jan 1 (Late)
     Kit           $575 Early by 11/30 (Early)
                       $600 After 11/30-12/30 (Season)
                       $650 After Jan 1 (Late)

   High School Girls     CONTACT ONLY

                      $325 Contact Only by 11/30 (Early)
                      $350 Contact Only  11/30-12/30 (Season)
                      $395 After Jan. 1 (Late)

SPLIT PAYMENT OPTION-  First payment is due at registration, the second payment is due 30 days later. The payment is automatically charged at 30 days. 
Team Fees Under $300 are not eligible for split payment option. Fees for teams paying over $300, initial payment depends on whether you opt in for early, season or late registration.
Junior High  SPLIT PAY( $225-295)  for the first payment then, $100.00  one-time payment.)
 Note: High School teams (JV and Varsity) are required to have a track suit (kit)

You will also need to turn in the following paper forms, which are included in a confirmation email once you complete the registration process or you can follow the link below.

For High School  ONLY VERY IMPORTANT                                                     a. Copy of drivers license b. Copy of school ID

1. Copy of Birth Certificate
2. Copy of Current Physical signed by a physician (within last 12 months)
3. Copy of Insurance Card
4. Signed and initialed USA Rugby Membership Form. (All USA Rugby Fees are included in your registration)

Download/Print Here
5. Completed and signed Medical Information Form. Download/Print Here
6. Medical Release Form Download and Print Here

Download/Print Here

If you have any questions, please contact Christa Morgan via email:


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WOODLANDS YOUTH TOUCH RUGBY LEAGUE- Continues To Thrive in 2016/2017

With last season’s hugely successful participation and the return of rugby to the Olympics this summer,  Woodlands Rugby continues its  effort to Grow Rugby and add valuable skill building to our youth side. We continue to build on our   award for Youth Development from Texas Rugby.  Woodlands Youth Rugby will continue a Youth Touch Rugby League for Fall 2016. This league will run Pre-Season to the regular rugby season. This is our T2C League- Touch to Contact. By learning the basics of the game while playing non-contact, players have a better understanding once contact play begins.

Touch Rugby is the two hand tag version of tackle rugby mainly aimed at youth players. There is no tackling allowed in Youth Touch Rugby, however; since it is a running game involving two opposing teams, there is incidental contact as there would be in youth soccer or basketball.  Most of the other rules of rugby will apply, so the players will get the maximum enjoyment out of this fast paced game.  Youth Rugby is practically a non-stop sport.

Since Youth Rugby is non-tackle (sometimes called non-contact, but this really means non-tackle, since there is incidental contact), there is no advantage in Youth Rugby to being large or small, male or female.  Smaller kids can play successfully with bigger children (we do make two age groups within  the under-11 group), and girls can play successfully with and against boys. There are positions on the field and strategies that take advantage of players with and without speed.

Youth Touch Rugby involves running, passing,  kicking, offense, defense, scrums, lineouts, mauls, and scoring – lots of scoring for everyone on the team! It’s soccer and football and a lot more, all wrapped into one, fast, exciting game.

You don’t need very many skills to enjoy youth rugby and coaches will help kids learn how to play and enjoy the game.  Simple skills common to many sports, kicking, passing, catching and running are all that is needed.  The rest you can learn by coming to practice.  Many players may have other sports of interest…, basketball, soccer, lacrosse….rugby can help develop skills adaptable to all those games.  Anyone can play, it’s easy to learn, everyone plays offense and defense, everyone can score AND EVERYONE HAS FUN!

Age Groups:
*All dates are subject to change
Contact: Chris Gruba- Youth Development Coordinator
Charlie Hopkins- Youth Parent Coordinator


5th-6th Grade Rugby

waratahWoodlands Waratahs (5th and 6th Grade Co-ed Rugby)

The Woodlands Waratahs will start practices on Wednesdays in November, beginning 11/03 from 6pm – 7:30 and in December, practices move to Tuesday & Thursday nights from 6pm – 7:30 at Alden Bridge Sports Park.

The first part of the season will include an intra club Rugby Touch League.  The Touch Rugby League will run 7 weeks around the Holidays and finish the first week of January. Touch Rugby is a great way to learn the concepts of passing, running forward, staying on-sides on defense, and field position.  Each night we will spend first half of practice working on skills and drills and the second half playing a Touch Rugby matches. 

The cost to play the Touch Rugby League is $50/child, all players are rookie rugby registered with USA Rugby and Texas Rugby Union, and receive a team shirt.

Register Now

For the Waratahs,  the contact season begins mid January and finishes in mid-April with a the Gareth Jones Tournament in College Station hosted by the Texas A&M Men’s Rugby Club.  Matches will be scheduled on Saturday mornings with a couple week night matches on the fixture (rugby term for schedule).

For the contact season we will add onto the passing, position, and running skills with tackling, set-piece scrums, rucking and mauling.  The coaches/parents always promote Rugby safety, sportsmanship, and stress proper form through practice and matches.

The cost to play the Woodlands Wolverines (5th and 6th Grade Co-Ed)

Contact season is $275/child to cover field cost, registration with USA Rugby & Texas Rugby Union, and all players will receive team shorts/socks/practice jersey.  

2014-15 was our first season in which we separated the Touch Rugby intro and then the formal contact season which starts in January.  Kids are encouraged to do both, but if your child can only make the contact season in January it is no problem (or vice versa).  Either way it is a great sport to learn.


$50 Touch Rugby Only (Nov 11th-Jan 6)
$325 Touch and Contact by 12/30  (Nov. -Mid April)

Contact Only Fees:

  $275 Contact Only by 12/30(Reg) (Jan-Mid April)
 $300 After Jan 1 (Late) (Jan-Mid April)

Register Now

*All dates are subject to change


Contact: Chris Gruba- Youth Development Coordinator

Chris Gruba- Youth Development Coordinator

Charlie Hopkins-Youth Team Parent Coordinator