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High School Girls

2015 girls austin









High School Girls     CONTACT ONLY

                      $325 Contact Only by 11/30 (Early)
                      $350 Contact Only  11/30-12/30 (Season)
                      $395 After Jan. 1 (Late)

SPLIT PAYMENT OPTION-  First payment is due at registration, the second payment is due 30 days later. The payment is automatically charged at 30 days. 
Team Fees Under $300 are not eligible for split payment option. Fees for teams paying over $300, initial payment depends on whether you opt in for early, season or late registration.
Junior High  SPLIT PAY( $225-295)  for the first payment then, $100.00  one-time payment.)

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2015 Woodlands Rugby Season Wrap Up

2015 Season Highlights

The 2015 Woodland Rugby Season officially came to a close on May 22nd with the High School Awards Banquet taking place on Thursday and the Youth Side celebrating their season’s end with a park BBQ on Friday.  Woodlands Rugby has had the honor of much success since its beginning and this year was no exception. This is your 2015 Woodlands Rugby Season Wrap Up report!

Woodlands Rug2015 Gareth Jones Cupby continues to forge the path for rugby in Texas.







This year, the club was honored with  the presentation of the Youth Rugby Award by Rugby Texas, our charter organization. The Youth Development Award recognizes a club’s effort to not only grow the game of rugby at the high school level, but to promote rugby through a robust youth program.  The youth program really shaped up nicely this year under the guidance of newcomer Kevin Murphy. He, along with Phil Devos maintained an active and productive youth league. The High School Ladies squad teamed with Kingwood to host a Rugby Buddies Clinic. This is a clinic for special needs HS kids. The girls paired up with a Buddy and spent the day teaching rugby skills. Below are this season’s hightlights.

  • Gareth Jones Rugby Challenge Cup- High School JV Boys hold the cup till next year
  • Texas State Champs- JV High School Boys- Undefeated for the season!
  • South Texas Division Champions- High School Boys Varsity
  • Texas State Finalists- High School Boys and High School Girls
  • Rugby Texas Youth Development Award

This year, Woodlands Rugby graduated 17 Seniors, with several of these seniors falling in love with rugby for the first time.  This is always a bittersweet event for the club. We’ve grown to know each of these players and while we are excited to see where life takes them, we miss them just the same. In the end, we’re thrilled that Woodlands Rugby was a part of their life and we hope that they take some of the lessons learned on and off the pitch.  Good luck to you all! Graduation

Gage Aucoin  *  Brandon Barnett  *  Cody Chustz  *  Colin Gill  *
Charlie Gordon * Jacob Godail  *  Connor Mackie  *
Ian Martinez  *  Aaron Platt  * Nick Purcell  *
Nicholas Shackleton  *  Chris Sukalski  *  Dustin Wolf


Head Coach Award- Sipi Save


2015 girls austin






MVP – Emily Squier 
Best Back – Madison Randolph
Best Forward – Kati Morgan
Most Improved – Kasey Johnson


Emily Squier, Madison Randolph, Kati Morgan












MVP – Brandon Barnett
Best Back – Charlie Gordon
Best Forward – Connor Mackie
Most Improved – Jimmy Watson









MVP – Kieran Farmer
Best Back – Kelsey Gladney
Best Forward – Stijn Albers
Most Improved – Tyler Baker


Conner Mackie  Evan Conlon
Tyler Gartner Sipiliano Save
Kieran Farmer  Kelsey Gladney Ian Morris
Alex Rayton  Jack Holdsworth

Junior High

MVP- Matt Planos
Best Back- Jordan Bowers
Best Forward- Luke Rizzo
Most Improved- Finnegan Bishop

Grade 5&6

Most Improved – Murdo Mitchell
Best Forward – Ben Campbell
Best Back – Joseph Golden
MVP – Miles Castleman

Grade 3&4

Most Improved – Gabriel Hopkins
Best Forward – Brock Romanski
Best Back – John Wyatt Painter
MVP – Alma Clark


Congratulations to all~ Have a happy summer! Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter!




Varsity Earns Southwest Conference Title

VArsity2015Woodlands Varsity Season ReCap as seen through the eyes of a Forward- By Coach Rizzo

The Varsity season started off a bit slow in November, with a lot of new players not real sure about what they had gotten themselves into.  As is typical of the way American athletes get involved in the game goes, as the season progressed, they were all wondering why they had never played rugby before. January was the first test of new skills and while it was a bit unrefined and a little disorganized, a win against Plano saw the advent of the “Bruise Brothers” Brandon Barnett and Dustin Wolf. It also saw the potential for this team to do good things on the pitch. Next up, we took to the the road against perennial State Champion Austin Westlake. We didn’t travel well and from a scoreboard perspective the day was a disaster, but there were moments of brilliance during the course of the match. Notably, from backs Makoa Noble and Jake Rivera who kept fighting to the end as well as forwards Matt Brownell, Sean Leshe, and Nick Cruz who filled in admirably for missing regulars. The game was an eye opener to the newer players and while the score didn’t reflect the amount of energy and effort that went into the match, the coaches saw the heart of a lion in the spirit of this team.

February saw a team of potential do something good and something bad. We opened our league competition with a huge win over St. Thomas, Alex Rayton set the pace in a game that saw Austin Shaw claim his right to play in any backline, while Nick Purcell made a statement on who will dominate the front of any lineout he is in. Stijn Albers also made his debut for Varsity coming up from JV to fill in at second row and impressing the coaches with his ability to adapt to the faster pace. The second part of February was not so kind and as we lost focus, we also dropped a game against a very good Kingwood side. Phillip Walker stands out in the loss as playing above his head to mark a very powerful opposite and holding his own.

Facing elimination from the state finals, March saw a team that was focused and resolved to play to their potential. We opened the month with a match on the road against an undefeated Cy-Fair team. Friday night under the lights was good for us and the front row of Connor Mackie, Evan Smith, and Sipi Save took control of the game early, crushing their opposites and establishing a hard-nosed approach to the game. The result was total ball control and a bonus point win over a very good team. We opened our next game at home against Katy with the return of Ryan Fischer to #8 and a new look in our backline. Captain Charlie Gordon was slated back into the #9 position with Chris Sukalski making his debut at 10. The combination proved to be lethal to Katy as we were finally able to play on a field with width and use our backline to score 26 unanswered points in a hard fought match. The final match of the month was against Memorial who showed heart against a team on a mission. Gage Aucoin played well in a scrappy match, while Jimmy Watson played hard man and cleared out anything that wasn’t ours around the breakdowns. The result was another bonus point win and claim to first place in the South Division.

April is here and with a forfeit win against Strake Jesuit there was only St. Pius in the way of a Division Championship. The match was played mid-week on the road with a crowd of Woodlands supporters braving Houston traffic to see the culmination of a well played season. Kameron Gladney came into his own and ruled over the middle of the field with an iron fist. Running hard and tackling even harder it made for a long night for our opponents. Cody Chutz and Nick Shackleton saw some much needed playing time while Maurice Ruf established himself as a force to be reconed with, running hard and making sure we kept possession. James Tupes made his debut on the wing making his presence known from the moment he touched the ball. The result was an avalanche of tries in a lopsided win to claim the Division title.

Looking back on it, the season has been an amazing trip from a group of guys that weren’t sure about what they were doing, to a team that has every intention of winning a state title. As we noted early in the season, a team of potential who’s next phase of the journey starts Saturday in Dallas. That is where we will see potential realized and if we play to that potential that is when we can stop talking about the team that could be and become the team that is.


Coach Rizzo


JV Renews State Champ Standing

JV Continue the Tradition- By Coach RizzoJV2015

It was business as usual for the JV team this year as they continued their tradition of playing winning rugby. With one of the strongest packs in their age group the backs enjoyed plenty of possession and under the mastermind of Kieran Farmer; they were released to score some fairly spectacular tries during the course of the season. The tone of the season was set with Plano, where players like Andrew Dolphin gave everything in the gas tank to ensure possession. There was no drop off inn intensity when Isaac Beeman came on to replace him and thus it went, the players coming on the pitch were just as skilled, just as committed, just as dedicated to winning as the players that came off. The next match was Austin Westlake where Jack Holdsworth took control of the pitch in the forwards supported by players like Dylan Vaughn. This made it easy for Kelsey Gladney to move the ball up the field, as he dominated in the centers.

St. Thomas was the next test and Derian Roper became a one-man wrecking crew as he and Tim Brantley provided power in the engine room. Ian Martinez also provided thrills and spills as he played the #9 more like a Flanker than a Scrum-half. Next stop along the way was Kingwood, where Stijn Albers and Josh Treistman provided strong performances, giving players like Ryan Bird plenty of ball to dot down in the try zone. Kingwood is also where Callen Shouse got his first taste of the game and provided plenty of push as a Lock Forward. Katy was our next contestant and a bit of a challenge as we were short numbers over the Spring Break. Carter Jones and Gregor Mathieson played hard man in the pack, while Matthew Myers established himself as one of the best open field tacklers in the league. Memorial became the next team to have to face a train that would not be stopped. Tyler Gartner had a strong performance and Jonathan Jackson finally learned to lead with his shoulders, and Keaton Blang did well coming off the bench, as the team coasted to a comfortable victory.

The culmination to the season was in College Station where the JV dominated in all facets of the game. The team was able to put it all together and under strong performances by workhorse players like Tyler Baker and Dylan Calvetti they dwarfed all opposition. Special mention goes to Evan Conlon who was a man amongst men and played above the rest of the field on the day. On a day where it would have been easy to lose focus it was the dedication of these athletes that put them in a class of their own. It will be a hard act to follow, but a tradition that is well worth keeping.

Congratulations on a job well done!!


2015 Gareth Jones Rugby Challenge Cup

a&m tourney2015 Gareth Jones Rugby Challenge Cup will take place on Sat. April 11 at Penberthy Recreational Sports Complex. This is the 9th annual tournament  and is  held each year in memory of former A&M player Gareth Jones and to support the scholarship given in his name.The tournament has a non-traditional format where all teams compete for “Most Honored Club” instead of the traditional 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishes. The “Most Honored Club” is chosen by a panel of A&M club members and is based around a club’s on-field play as well as their sportsmanship. This is also an opportunity for clubs to get in a lot of rugby. Each team will play at least three matches.


All players and parents must print, sign and return to thisWaiver Form to your designated Team Administrator. Administrators may scan and send the waivers or mail them in the (alphabetized by division with a roster list) AT LEAST 1 WEEK in advance of the tournament.(April 3)

Prior to each team’s first game, each participant must check in at the front office to ensure there is a waiver on file and that participant is listed on their team’s roster.

All participating players must be CIPPed through USA Rugby. This will be checked prior to participation in the tournament.

All games will be played on Saturday, April 11, 2015
Captain’s/Coaches Meeting – 8:30am
Games begin – 9:00am

Strict Complex Requirements – NO Glass, NO Pets, NO Alcohol, NO BBQ Pits are allowed inside the facility. Please make sure this information is passed along to ALL participants, families, and friends attending this year’s tournament.

All guests MUST park in valid marked parking spaces in Lot 100m or Lot 100e. Guests who park on the curb, in the grass, or not in a valid marked parking spaces will be subject to ticketing and towing from facility.

Matthew Theodore
Phone: 214-504-8457

Each division guarantees 3 games starting at approximately 9:00am on Saturday, April 11, 2015 through 5:00pm.
Gates to the complex will not be open to the public until 8am.

Woodlands Youth Rugby Hosts Tournament

Big Day for Youth Rugby in Texas Hosted by the Woodlands Rugby Clubtournamnet balls

February 28th turned into a great day for youth rugby in Texas.  Over 250 young athletes from 1st to 8th grades played matches  at the Alden Bridge Sports Park in The Woodlands in the first ever Youth Tournament sponsored by Woodlands Rugby. The Plano Rugby Club traveled through snow & ice to play along with sides from Houston: Katy Barbarians, Lanier Middle School, & the Regis School, and representing the Heart of Texas Rugby Club from Killeen was Kazie Lynne Cheek who played with the Lanier side.  Saturday was also the inaugural meeting of the grade 1&2’s Katy Barbarians and Woodlands Wombats.  They each won a round in the touch rugby exhibition matches. Woodlands Youth Rugby Club is one of the largest rugby clubs in Texas. Our ongoing goal is to grow the game of rugby at all levels, from youth to high school. 

Much thanks to:

·         The Texas Rugby Referee Society answered the call: Travis Bartniski, Paul Purcell, Maurice Mullaly, and Brian Kee made a great difference for the new and experienced players.

·         The field-side medical assistance from Richard Davis, ATC and Dr. Joe Edralin were busy through the day and extremely appreciated.

·         Woodlands grade 7&8 side showed up early to set up the goal post and pitches for the rest of the day.  Thanks to Coach Mitch & Coach Bryan for getting the lads out of bed early.  And the Woodlands Mens and Lonestar Mens clubs for letting us borrow the goal post, pads, and pylons.

·         The parents of the Woodlands Youth Rugby Club for tents, tables, & coolers of ice.  Christa Morgan for getting our fields reserved.  The team managers Terri Blang, Diane King, and Julie Everett had the players uniforms and water ready.  And a super shout out to the concessionaires: Mike Griggs (and his Springbok buddy), Justin King, Patrick Masterson, Lance McDermott and the servers who cooked and served lunch for the duration of the day. 

·         Our sponsors for the tournament; BB Law Group, Nutrition Depot of Sterling Ridge, and Plant Design Solutions.

·         Lastly – to the all the coaches: we are setting the stage for growing rugby as a great option for kids to play in Texas.  We need more teams to play and hopefully there are a few more clubs joining us for the matches next year.