Kick Off to Rugby.....3...2....1....RUCK!

Oct 1, 2017 3:03 PM

Rugby is a highly recognized International sport played in over 121 Countries with more than 8.5 million players in 2016.  Rugby is also said to be one of the two fastest growing sports in the United States (along with Lacrosse) with an increase of over 43% since 2010.  The Woodlands Youth Rugby Program being one of many programs across Texas and the United States participating in that number.


Whether you have played Rugby before or are looking to try something new for your kids, Rugby is definitely a sport with something to offer everyone. Rugby is an exciting, free flowing game designed for players of all shapes, sizes and athletic abilities. It involves skills such as running, passing, catching, kicking, decision-making and supporting teammates. It also involves contact elements such as tackling, rucking, mauling, scrummaging and line-out play that are the unique to the game.


 As we start to count down the days to when our Woodlands Youth Rugby season finally kicks off for another year, lets take you back to the beginning and give a brief history of the game we are so very fond of!


1823- It is said that William Ebb Ellis was the first to pick up the ball and run with it during a football (soccer) match at Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire, England, and thus is the alleged inventor of Rugby. Originally played with 20 per side instead of 15.


1865- First rugby match played in North America in Montreal, Canada between the British Army and civilians.


1871- Rugby Union was founded. Later in 1895 a separation from the Rugby union was created to form the Northern Rugby Football union, which is now called Rugby League.


 The differences between Rugby Union and Rugby League were primarily based on whether the players got paid or were playing “Professional Rugby” (Rugby League) or played with an “amateur” status and not be paid (Rugby Union).

Although in 1995 Rugby Union decided to join Rugby League as an openly Professional Sport.


 Over the course of time though, rules were modified and changed each rugby union and rugby league into two very distinct games.(


As apart of the USA Rugby and the Texas Rugby Union, the Woodlands Youth Rugby follows the Rugby Union rules.


The following are great links to the Basics of Rugby and How To’s.



Rookie Rugby Beginners Guide-


Rugby 101-


Spectators Guide-



Now whether you are beginner this year to Rugby or a returning player, we all have some facts and basic knowledge to start getting our heads in gear for the season to start!


Go Woodlands Rugby!!!!



*** Did you know……  The first Rugby balls were made from pigs bladders and plum shaped!

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