2015 Woodlands Rugby Season Wrap Up

2015 Season Highlights

The 2015 Woodland Rugby Season officially came to a close on May 22nd with the High School Awards Banquet taking place on Thursday and the Youth Side celebrating their season’s end with a park BBQ on Friday.  Woodlands Rugby has had the honor of much success since its beginning and this year was no exception. This is your 2015 Woodlands Rugby Season Wrap Up report!

Woodlands Rug2015 Gareth Jones Cupby continues to forge the path for rugby in Texas.







This year, the club was honored with  the presentation of the Youth Rugby Award by Rugby Texas, our charter organization. The Youth Development Award recognizes a club’s effort to not only grow the game of rugby at the high school level, but to promote rugby through a robust youth program.  The youth program really shaped up nicely this year under the guidance of newcomer Kevin Murphy. He, along with Phil Devos maintained an active and productive youth league. The High School Ladies squad teamed with Kingwood to host a Rugby Buddies Clinic. This is a clinic for special needs HS kids. The girls paired up with a Buddy and spent the day teaching rugby skills. Below are this season’s hightlights.

  • Gareth Jones Rugby Challenge Cup- High School JV Boys hold the cup till next year
  • Texas State Champs- JV High School Boys- Undefeated for the season!
  • South Texas Division Champions- High School Boys Varsity
  • Texas State Finalists- High School Boys and High School Girls
  • Rugby Texas Youth Development Award

This year, Woodlands Rugby graduated 17 Seniors, with several of these seniors falling in love with rugby for the first time.  This is always a bittersweet event for the club. We’ve grown to know each of these players and while we are excited to see where life takes them, we miss them just the same. In the end, we’re thrilled that Woodlands Rugby was a part of their life and we hope that they take some of the lessons learned on and off the pitch.  Good luck to you all! Graduation

Gage Aucoin  *  Brandon Barnett  *  Cody Chustz  *  Colin Gill  *
Charlie Gordon * Jacob Godail  *  Connor Mackie  *
Ian Martinez  *  Aaron Platt  * Nick Purcell  *
Nicholas Shackleton  *  Chris Sukalski  *  Dustin Wolf


Head Coach Award- Sipi Save


2015 girls austin






MVP – Emily Squier 
Best Back – Madison Randolph
Best Forward – Kati Morgan
Most Improved – Kasey Johnson


Emily Squier, Madison Randolph, Kati Morgan












MVP – Brandon Barnett
Best Back – Charlie Gordon
Best Forward – Connor Mackie
Most Improved – Jimmy Watson









MVP – Kieran Farmer
Best Back – Kelsey Gladney
Best Forward – Stijn Albers
Most Improved – Tyler Baker


Conner Mackie  Evan Conlon
Tyler Gartner Sipiliano Save
Kieran Farmer  Kelsey Gladney Ian Morris
Alex Rayton  Jack Holdsworth

Junior High

MVP- Matt Planos
Best Back- Jordan Bowers
Best Forward- Luke Rizzo
Most Improved- Finnegan Bishop

Grade 5&6

Most Improved – Murdo Mitchell
Best Forward – Ben Campbell
Best Back – Joseph Golden
MVP – Miles Castleman

Grade 3&4

Most Improved – Gabriel Hopkins
Best Forward – Brock Romanski
Best Back – John Wyatt Painter
MVP – Alma Clark


Congratulations to all~ Have a happy summer! Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter!




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